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International SMS

SMS International service enables users to send text messages from any electronic device on an internet-based service to all the mobile phones in the world, in simpler terms, you can call it is mass message alert and with the help of our services you can send text messages to over 800 operators in more than 20000 countries.


International SMS service features

·         Dual way SMS messaging, to send and receive text messages worldwide

·         Web interface for full control over our account

·         Access to HTTP, REST, and SMPP SMS API

·         Access to our web SMS applications

·         Intelligent message sending software, for instant delivery

·         Dynamic sender id originator

·         Binary sender ID support for WAP push, ringtones, logos, VIP cards, and our messages with headers

·         Delivery reports

·         Unicode SMS to support all languages

·         International texting numbers (shared and dedicated)

To give support to dual way texting for international destinations, we provide local texting numbers for over 33 countries out of which you will have access to more than 12 countries and for the rest, you can select your own number.

SMS campaigns require users to send a keyword to a texting number so that to participate in any SMS polling. We offer local SMS texting numbers for a number of countries. All of our SMS campaigns are enabled for the top 12 countries, namely – Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany, Australia, Austria, Sweden, UK, Mexico, Ireland, and Hong Kong, Brazil.


SMS replies for international destinations

If you have the wish of receiving SMS replies from international destinations, be sure to use 27126 as the sender ID. Local numbers of all the countries are mapped to the shortcode 27126, which means that you don’t need to worry regarding the sender ID for each of the countries; we will select it for you. All the local sender ID based on the country and all the replies will be automatically be mapped to 27126. The users will be receiving text messages on their local number from the countries they are dealing with.
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Sending international SMS messages with dedicated numbers and alpha tags

Use dedicated SMS numbers or branded alpha tags, if available in your region, to differentiate your messages. Their presence on the international market is permanent and credible, and they are an ideal choice for brands.

A dedicated number allows you to send and receive SMS from the same number on a two-way basis. Alpha tags only support one-way messaging, but dedicated numbers allow you to send and receive SMS on the same phone.  Adding two-way messaging lets you effortlessly and inexpensively communicate with your customers, and it is ideal for automated opt-outs, appointment and booking cancellations and reschedulings, and customer service callbacks.


What are the benefits of international SMS?

A number of reasons make international SMS popular: it's cheap, it's highly effective, and it's probably the most reliable way to reach clients and customers overseas. A global SMS is ideal for communications that need high levels of delivery confidence, and is extremely popular for travel delay and cancellation notifications, marketing messages, and billing notifications and reminders.

SMS generates greater customer engagement and response than other forms of electronic communication because 90% of messages are read within 90 seconds. A SMS has a much higher open rate than an email, and it has far more impact than a tweet. The benefit of sending international SMS is that you can reach customers almost anywhere in the world, knowing your messages are getting through.


Exactly How To Send SMS Internationally?

Sending out worldwide text (SMS) while you are abroad can be really pricey. If you are not cautious, it can bring about a huge rise in your expenses. Remainder assured, you can maintain in touch with your family as well as good friends in various other nations without emptying your bank account. Many worldwide message messaging apps as well as web sites are cost-free, implying you will not need to utilize your roaming. When you leave your country, transform off your mobile carrier information or put your phone on Aircraft Setting. Usage Wi-Fi rather, and download 1 or 2 apps that provide global texting solutions. 


How To Send Out Worldwide SMS On IPhone? 

You can send an international text message making use of a variety of applications if you are an iPhone owner. Some jobs are much more like conversation services that use your information strategy or Wi-Fi, while others assign a text-only contact number to every one you get in touch with. The go-to application for complimentary international texting on an apple iPhone is iMessage. It's not practically an SMS sending out option, however it does the work when the person you are speaking to.