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SMS/voice Call Charges

Pre-recorded SMS voice calls can be easily sent to mobile phones and landlines nationwide with This service allows you to send pre-recorded messages and add rows of thousands of numbers, helping to have a broader reach for customers. Furthermore, almost 90% of the Indian population does not speak English, so marketers/businesses have chosen bulk voice SMS or commuter dialers as the solution to reach them in their language.

Provider Of Bulk Voice Calling Services In India


Bulk Voice Calling for Elections in India | Political Bulk Voice Calling Service

Voice SMS OR Voice Call is a recorded way to send SMS in your own language and voice. You need to record your voice and then you can send hundreds of thousands of numbers with just one click. It is an ideal communication tool for lead generation, announcement of events, campaign promotion like social or political election campaign, survey, reminder like voting, premium, etc With almost 90% of India's population  speaking no English, marketers and businesses have chosen mass voice SMS as the solution to reach them in their  language. 


Voice Call Service Provider in India | Voice Call Gateway India

Voice Call is a way to send a voice message without using a mobile phone. Typical use of a voice call gateway would be to forward a simple voice message to a mobile phone. it is a device or service or Voice SMS solution which is offering by Voice SMS Service Providers they either transforming messages to mobile network traffic from other media for send It can also be useful in developing web applications that we can directly interact with our customer via SMS.

Providing high priority voice SMS gateways is what we do. Voice SMS will give you these features. Then send voice SMS to all DND and non-DND mobile numbers. Speak in your own language.


Voice Call/SMS Features;

Broadcast your voice message instantly.

Add human touch to your Mobile marketing Campaign.

Get instant response using interactive features (User pressing key for response).

Real-time reporting to measure the response of the campaign.

Schedule your Voice campaigns at predefined date & time.

Pay only for successfully connected calls.



Voice call OBD is the most effective marketing tool while being the most affordable option as well, when compared to the cost of traditional ways of advertising.


Bulk Voice SMS

With, you can send pre recorded voice SMS to mobiles and landlines across the country. This service enables you to send pre recorded messages to thousands of recipients, giving you the most penetrating reach. A rich voice call service that is easy to use and can be used for generating leads, notifying events, promoting campaigns such as social, political, etcSurveys, reminders for voting, insurance premiums, EMIs, product promotions, announcements can be done with voice call services very easily.


Outbound Dialer (OBD), also known as Voice SMS, is a technology that automates bulk voice calls to mobile/telephone users with pre recorded messages. Bulk Voice SMS or Outbound dialer systems can call out a set of phone numbers and play a recorded prompt (message); they can also elicit touch-tone inputs from the end-users to measure the response.


OBDs, also known as Voice SMS, automate bulk voice calls to mobile and landline users with prerecorded well as outbound service models. Many of today's marketers have chosen voice broadcasting as a promotion medium to reach out to the large Indian audience in their native language to create a more personal touch. Due to the fact that close to 90% of Indians are not English-speaking, marketers/enterprises opted for bulk voice SMS or outbound dialers to reach them in their native tongue.


Why choose our automated Voice calls service:


  • Unlimited Validity


  • Charged only answered call


  • Easy to integrate API  (As per your requirement we provide API)


  • White label Panel (With own Branding)



1. Promotional Voice Call/ Voice SMS Quotation for 15 Second Pulse (Only NON-DND)


Credit Slab SMS Rate Amount(INR) GST Total Amount Validity
1000 Calls 22 paisa 220 18% 260 Lifetime
5,000 Calls 20 paisa 1000 18% 1180 Lifetime
10,000 Calls 19 paisa 1900 18% 2242 Lifetime
25,000 Calls 18 paisa 4500 18% 5310 Lifetime
50000Calls 16 paisa 8,000 18% 9440 Lifetime
100,000Calls 15 paisa 15,000 18% 16200 Lifetime
500,000 Calls 14 paisa 70,000 18% 82600 Lifetime
10,00,000 Calls 13  paisa 130,000 18% 153400 Lifetime



·          Delivery: - Non-DND Numbers.

·          Caller ID:-  Default Random Number

·          Delivery Ratio:- 100%

·          Sending Time: - 9 AM to 9 PM.

·          API Available: - HTTP, XML, SMPP.

·          Call Length:- 15 Seconds

·          Easy to integrate API facility

·          Delivery Time: within 10 to 30 second


2. Promotional Voice Call/Voice SMS Quotation for 30 Second Pulse (Only NON-DND)


Credit Slab SMS Rate Amount(INR) GST Total Amount Validity
1000 Calls 35 paisa 350 18% 413 Lifetime
5,000 Calls 30 paisa 1500 18% 1770 Lifetime
10,000 Calls 28 paisa 2800 18% 3304 Lifetime
25,000 Calls 26 paisa 6500 18% 7670 Lifetime
50000Calls 25 paisa 12,500 18% 14750 Lifetime
100,000Calls 24 paisa 24,000 18% 28320 Lifetime
500,000 Calls 22 paisa 110,000 18% 129800 Lifetime
10,00,000 Calls 20  paisa 200,000 18% 236000 Lifetime


 .          Delivery: - Non-DND Numbers

·          Caller ID :-  Default Random Number

·          Delivery Ratio :- 100%

·          Sending Time: - 9AM to 9PM.

·          API Available: - HTTP, XML, SMPP.

·          Call Length  :- 30 Seconds

·          Easy to integrate API facility

·          Delivery Time : within 10 to 30 second


3. Transactional Voice Call/ Voice SMS Quotation for 28 Second Pulse


Credit Slab SMS Rate Amount(INR) GST Total Amount Validity
1000 Calls 45 paisa 450 18% 531 Lifetime
5,000 Calls 40 paisa 2000 18% 2360 Lifetime
10,000 Calls 35 paisa 3500 18% 4130 Lifetime
25,000 Calls 32 paisa 8000 18% 9440 Lifetime
50000Calls 30 paisa 15000 18% 17700 Lifetime



 .          Delivery: - Non-DND & DND Numbers

·          Caller ID:-  You Can Get Your Own Mobile Number As Sender

·          Delivery Ratio:- 100%

·          Sending Time: - 9 AM to 9 PM.

·          API Available: - HTTP, XML, SMPP.

·          Call Length:- 28 Seconds

·          Easy to integrate API facility

·          Delivery Time: within 10 to 30 second




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