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Bulk SMS Plans is introducing AIRTEL ERROR CODES for bulk SMS which helps to better clarity of sms failed that to be delivered. These AIRTEL ERROR CODES will help you to understand the reason for failure and troubleshoot issues.




1 Unknown subscriber
2 Unknown subscriber over GPRS
5 Unidentified subscriber
9 Illegal subscriber
11 Not Provisioned service
12 Illegal equipment
13 Barred call
14 Barred unauthorized message originator
15 CUG reject
21 Supported facility
22 Not Supported roaming
31 Busy subscriber
32 Busy subscriber over GPRS
34 System Failure
35 Data Missing
36 Unexpected Data Value
40 Memory Capacity Exceeded
41 Protocol Error in equipment
42 Not Supported by equipment
43 Not Supported by equipment
44 Message Raplace Failure
45 Unspecific PID Error
46 Message Class Not Supported
47 DCS Error
48 TPDU Not Supported
49 SIM Full
50 No SMS Storage in SIM
53 Busy SIM Application Toolkit
54 Data Download Error
60 Absent subscriber
61 Absent subscriber Detached
62 Absent subscriber Page Fail
63 Absent subscriber Restricted
64 Absent subscriber Deregistered
65 Absent subscriber Purged
66 Absent subscriber over GPRS Page Fail
67 Absent subscriber over GPRS Detached
68 Absent subscriber over GPRS Deregistered
69 Absent subscriber over GPRS Purged
70 Absent subscriber unidentified over MSC
71 Absent subscriber unidentified over GPRS
80 Duplicated invoke id
81 Service not supported
82 Mistyped parameter
83 No response from the peer
84 Resource limitation
85 Initiating release
86 Unrecognised error
87 Unexpected error
88 Unexpected response from the peer
89 Unable to complete operation within timeout
90 Invalid response received
91 TCAP error
92 TCAP GT translation failure
93 SM decoding problem
94 Subscriber is not located in Home PLMN
95 Barred by local screening
100 No translation for an address of such nature
101 No translation for this specific address
102 Subsystem congestion
103 Subsystem failure
104 Unequipped user
105 MTP failure
106 Network congestion
107 Unqualified
108 Error in message transport
109 Error in local processing
110 Destination cannot perform reassembly
111 SCCP failure
112 Hop counter violation
113 Segmentation not supported
114 Segmentation failure
120 Unknown TCAP error
121 Unrecognized MIN
122 Unrecognized ESN
123 ID/HLR mismatch
124 Operation sequence problem
125 Resource shortage
126 Operation not supported
127 Trunk unavailable
128 Parameter error
129 System failure
130 Unrecognized parameter value
131 Feature inactive
132 Missing parameter
133 Unrecognized IMSI/TMSI
134 TMSI/VLR mismatch
135 General problem unrecognized component type
136 General problem incorrect component portion
137 General problem incorrect component portion
138 General problem incorrect component coding
139 Invoke problem duplicate invocation
140 Invoke problem unrecognized operation
141 Invoke problem incorrect parameter
142 Invoke problem unrecognized correlation id
143 Return result problem unrecognized correlation id
144 Return result problem unexpected return result
145 Return result problem incorrect parameter
146 Return error problem unrecognized correlation id
147 Return error problem unexpected return error
148 Return error problem unrecognized error
149 Return error problem unexpected error
150 Return error problem incorrect parameter
151 Transaction portion problem unrecognized package type
152 Transaction portion problem incorrect transaction portion
153 Transaction portion problem badly structured transaction portion
154 Transaction portion problem unrecognized transaction id
155 Transaction portion problem permission to release problem
156 Transaction portion problem resource unavailable
157 TCAP abort
160 MAP-P: No response from the peer
161 MAP-P: Service completion failure
162 MAP-P: Invalid response received
163 MAP-P: Service not supported
164 MAP-P: Mistyped parameter
165 MAP-P: Duplicated invoke id
166 MAP-P: Resource limitation
167 MAP-P: Initiating release
168 MAP-P: Unexpected response from the peer
169 MAP-P-Abort: Provider reasons
170 MAP-P-Abort: Provider malfunction
171 MAP-P-Abort: Transaction released
172 MAP-P-Abort: Resource limitation
173 MAP-P-Abort: Abnormal MAP dialogue
174 MAP-P-Abort: Invalid PDU
175 MAP-Open: Out of MAP dialogs
176 MAP-Open: No reason given
177 MAP-Open: Invalid destination reference
178 MAP-Open: Invalid originating reference
179 MAP-Open: Application context not supported
180 MAP-Open: Remote node not reachable
181 MAP-Open: Potential version incompatibility
182 MAP-Notice: Unexpected result
183 MAP-Notice: Unexpected error
184 MAP-Notice: Abnormal event received from peer
185 MAP-Notice: Message cannot be delivered to peer
186 MAP-Notice: Response rejected by peer
187 MAP-Notice: Abnormal event detected by peer
188 MAP-U-Abort: Error
189 MAP-U-Abort: User specific reason
190 MAP-U-Abort: User resource limitation
191 MAP-U-Abort: Resource unavailable (short term)
192 MAP-U-Abort: Resource unavailable (long term)
193 MAP-U-Abort: Application procedure cancellation (handover cancellation)
194 MAP-U-Abort: Application procedure cancellation (radio channel release)
195 MAP-U-Abort: Application procedure cancellation (network path release)
196 MAP-U-Abort: Application procedure cancellation (call release)
197 MAP-U-Abort: Application procedure cancellation (associated procedure failure)
198 MAP-U-Abort: Application procedure cancellation (tandem dialogue released)
199 MAP-U-Abort: Application procedure cancellation (remote operations failure)
230 Custom error 1
231 Custom error 2
232 Custom error 3
233 Custom error 4
234 Custom error 5
235 Custom error 6
236 Custom error 7
237 Custom error 8
238 Custom error 9
239 Custom error 10
240 Recipient Temporary Error
241 Recipient Permanent Error
242 Message Permanent Error / Delete One Message
243 Timeout
244 Unspecific
245 Congested
246 Disconnected
247 Connection Has Timeout
248 No Connection
251 MO Handover: Not Supported by equipment
252 MO Handover: Message Raplace Failure
253 MO Handover: Unspecific PID Error
254 MO Handover: DCS Error
255 MO Handover: TPDU Not Supported
256 MO Handover: DCS not supported
257 MO Handover: SMS Command cannot be actioned
258 MO Handover: SMS Command unsupported
259 MO Handover: SMS Command error
260 MO Handover: SC Busy
261 MO Handover: Not SC Subcriber
262 MO Handover: Invalid SME Address
263 MO Handover: Destination SME Barred
264 MO Handover: Duplicate Message Rejected
265 MO Handover: Validity Period Format Unsupported
266 MO Handover: Validity Period Unsupported
267 MO Handover: Not Supported by equipment
268 MO Handover: System Error
269 MO Handover: Duplicated invoke id
270 MO Handover: Service not supported
271 MO Handover: Mistyped parameter
272 MO Handover: No response from the peer
273 MO Handover: Resource limitation
274 MO Handover: Initiating release
275 MO Handover: Unrecognised error
276 MO Handover: Unexpected error
277 MO Handover: Unexpected response from the peer
278 MO Handover: Unable to complete operation within timeout
279 MO Handover: Invalid response received
280 MO Handover: TCAP error
281 MO Handover: TCAP GT translation failure
282 MO Handover: Unknown SC Address
283 MO Handover: SC Congested
284 MO Handover: Not Supported
285 MO Handover: Unexpected Data Value
286 MO Handover: Telematic Interworking not Supported
287 MO Handover: FDA throttled
288 MO Handover: SM decoding problem
300 No free AKIF contexts
301 Receiver not connected
303 AIM handling delivery is not available


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