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Missed Call Alerts Service

Bulk SMS Plans provides missed call alert service which is a automated web-based solution. So, Give a missed call and reach to your customer in a quick way.

Missed call alert services

The missed call alert services which allow mobile operators to equip the customers with an easy to use notification and call log system. As the calls are made between one person and the other person and because of any reason the interaction didn’t take place, now a SMS will be delivered by this missed call system thus enabling the recipient of the call to get a notification that someone was trying to get in touch with him/her, thus giving him the knowledge as a reminder to make a call and enabling the increase in day to day call frequency, which in turn increases revenue of the company. 

The missed call alert system not only informs the receiver of the missed calls but also of the availability of the caller, that now they are available. The text message sent to the person can also be modified and the number of subscribers to which the message is to be sent can also be altered.

Bulk SMS Plans provides missed call alert service which is a web-based solution. Our automated web-based platform allows you to flexibly manage missed calls and messages with an automated reply to your mobile.

The missed call service is available with all the GSM, CDMA and UTMS service providers offering a plethora of features, such as.

  1. Scalable full featured missed call logging.
  2. Notification to the called parties.
  3. Notification of the called party is available.
  4. Automatic missed call forwarding to the mobiles.
  5. Management of service settings through an integrated SMS interface.
  6. Internal announcement playback support through internal or external speech device.


Missed Call Alerts Service Packages Available with 18% GST




No of Miss call free


2000 Rs


Half Yearly

4000 Rs



7500 Rs



Benefits of missed call alert service:


  1. The probable comeback of your agents and customers

There are no worries of losing even a single lead just because the receiver of your call is busy, as the missed alert service will be ready to ring the notification.


  1. Your customers are connected

it will increase the customer count as well as flourish his business and getting them notified every time through missed call alert is a very smart way.


  1. A helping hand for surveys, voting, and matter of national importance

Missed call alert service is the best way to connect with people and impart the wisdom for a better choice and motivate them to be a part of something big.


Special Facilities :

  • Affordable & scalable service.
  • Auto-reply SMS charge deducts from Transactional route balance.
  • Services available for minimum 3 months
  • Self-edited Auto reply.
  • Instant response.
  • Registration for your number from the operator will take time of 4 to 5 Day.


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