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Missed Call Alerts Service

An automated web app that sends real-time notifications of all calls to your dedicated phone number.

Missed Call Alert Services

The missed call alert services which allow mobile operators to equip the customers with an easy to use notification and call log system. As the calls are made between one person and the other person and because of any reason the interaction didn’t take place, now a SMS will be delivered by this missed call system thus enabling the recipient of the call to get a notification that someone was trying to get in touch with him/her, thus giving him the knowledge as a reminder to make a call and enabling the increase in day to day call frequency, which in turn increases revenue of the company. 

The missed call alert system not only informs the receiver of the missed calls but also of the availability of the caller, that now they are available. Miss call alert message sent to the person can also be modified and the number of subscribers to which the message is to be sent can also be altered.

Bulk SMS Plans provides missed call alert service which is a web-based solution. Our automated web-based platform allows you to flexibly manage missed calls and messages with an automated reply to your mobile.


Missed Call Service is available with all GSM, CDMA, and UMTS providers, offering various features.


  1. Scalable full featured missed call logging.
  2. Notification to the called parties.
  3. Notification of the called party is available.
  4. Automatic missed call forwarding to the mobiles.
  5. Management of service settings through an integrated SMS interface.
  6. Internal announcement playback support through internal or external speech device.


Missed Call Alerts Service Packages Available with 18% GST




No of Miss call free


2000 Rs


Half Yearly

4000 Rs



7500 Rs



Special Facilities :

  • Affordable & scalable service.
  • Auto-reply SMS charge deducts from Transactional route balance.
  • Services available for minimum 3 months
  • Self-edited Auto reply.
  • Instant response.
  • Registration for your number from the operator will take time of 4 to 5 Day.


Call Alert Notification

  • Get signals for missed phone calls, voicemails, faxes as well as even more
  • Obtain instantaneous e-mail and also message notifications for your organization interactions
  • Accessibility an archive of your communications, upgraded in real-time


For various business operations, what is the missed call service?

One effective and efficient way for businesses to connect with their customers is by using the missed call service, which is a potent communication tool. Customers can use this service by dialing a short number, and the business will immediately receive notification that a client is attempting to contact them. This missed call service is the ideal answer for businesses looking for fresh, cutting-edge ways to stay in touch with their clients in the modern, digital age.

Unanswered calls from your callers' end will automatically be disconnected after one or two rings thanks to an automatic process. In other words, your customer doesn't have to pay any calling costs and may obtain the information they require through an SMS that is delivered to them in response to a missed call.


Benefits of missed call alert service:


1. The probable comeback of your agents and customers

There are no worries of losing even a single lead just because the receiver of your call is busy, as the missed alert service will be ready to ring the notification.


2. Your customers are connected

It will increase the customer count as well as flourish his business and getting them notified every time through missed call alert is a very smart way.


3. A helping hand for surveys, voting, and matter of national importance

Missed call alert service is the best way to connect with people and impart the wisdom for a better choice and motivate them to be a part of something big.


4. Never Ever Miss an Important Message

Set automatic email or SMS text informs for missed calls and brand-new voicemails or faxes to your eVoice numbers.This text Alert        System allows you to check out inbound and unread messages on your phone or computer in real-time. 


5. Tailor Your Notice Options With our Text Alert System

you can configure your answering and also email alert service options as required in your online account. If you intend to be informed when a new voicemail arrives, as an example, merely pick how you intend to look out: email and/or message on your mobile device or computer system.


6. Benefit Communication

Connect to your consumers by simply one missed telephone call. You can pick a missed out on phone call number of your selection from our listing and also your consumer will certainly offer a missed call to this number to call you. All the missed contact us to this number will certainly be captured and can be kept track of in the on-line control panel.


How You Can Make Use Of Missed Call Service

Following are some examples that demonstrate how a missed call service might be put to use for various business operations We offer these solutions for betterment of your company Registration/Lead generation This functions wonderfully specifically when it comes to people that do not have accessibility to the internet or any kind of various other types of interaction. 


1.COD verification

This functions remarkably particularly when it comes to people who do not have accessibility to the internet or any kind of other forms of communication.


2.Client verification

Missed phone call alert is a much better alternative to OTPs for consumer verification. Ask to verify their phone number by giving a missed out on telephone call to a number. 



Media as well as television programs have made the best use of missed out on phone call advertising and marketing projects to develop non-intrusive involvement with clients.


4.Customer support:

Companies are offering their customers a simple and practical way to contact them for support by using the missed call service. Customers can call a certain number and leave a missed call, and a support agent will contact them back to answer any questions or concerns they may have.


5. Lead Generating:

The omitted service may also be used to generate leads. Businesses can also use this service, for instance, to enable clients to register, ask for additional details about a good or service, or arrange a demo.


6. Gathering Client Feedback:

Missed call services can be utilized to gather customer feedback instantly. Customers can communicate their ideas and feedback to the company by simply leaving a missed call, and giving the company important information about their experience.


7. Order Confirmations:

Customers' orders can also be confirmed using the missed call service. The company might automatically deliver a confirmation message after the customer leaves a missed call to reassure them that the order was already received.


8. Attendance Control:

The missed call service is very useful for controlling attendance, notably in the educational field. Rather than relying on manual record keeping, teachers can quickly and conveniently take attendance using this tool.


9. Appointment Scheduling:

Companies like clinics, salons, and spas can schedule appointments with their clients using the missed call service. Customers can easily and simply schedule an appointment without calling or sending an email by leaving a missed call.


Our missed call service is an incredibly flexible tool that can be applied in a number of ways to improve customer interaction, improve corporate processes, and boost overall productivity. Missed call service is the best option if you want to enhance customer service, produce leads, get feedback, confirm orders, control attendance, or set up appointments. It's now time to spend money on this effective instrument, if you haven't already, so you can benefit from all that it has to offer.


Missed calls are now a marketing tool to connect with the audience in various industries.


1. Financial:

Banks and other financial institutions must provide consumers and potential customers with an easy way to contact them because they deal with money. For that, missed calls are ideal. The following are some of the typical banking situations where missed calls are used:

  • checking the balance of their account.
  • asking for statements or letters.
  • creating an OTP in order to authenticate.
  • seeking immediate assistance on their credit card or bank account.

Banks may also allow customers to leave missed calls in order to obtain information about new goods, upgrades, an increase in their credit limit, foreign services, etc.


2. E-commerce:

Providing that degree of customer service, however, can be challenging and costly. Missed calls could be the answer to these problems. The following are a few of the most successful missed call campaigns we've observed from e-commerce clients:

  • Pre-ordering products allows buyers to sign up for a forthcoming product launch with a missed call.
  • Order or delivery status can be checked.
  • asking for a callback.
  • giving service-related feedback.
  • up for email or SMS alerts.


3. Gaming applications:

Since the outbreak, online gaming has become increasingly popular. Missed call marketing is used by online gaming companies to engage customers in a variety of ways:

asking for an app download link.

  • asking for details.
  • using an OTP for login or purchasing authentication.
  • registering for newsletters and notifications.
  • Beta-player registration for new games


4. Government:

Missed call campaigns are a tactic used by governments to encourage civic participation and engagement. Recent missed call campaigns with the greatest results include:

  • enrolling in government programs.
  • asking for details on programs and benefits.
  • Sign up to support new programming.


5. TV and entertainment:

As one of the first sectors to employ missed call marketing, this sector has discovered a variety of novel use cases, including:

  • Select your favorite reality show competitor to vote for.
  • taking part in polls.
  • Reminders about upcoming shows are on the schedule.
  • Apply online to participate in reality TV competitions.


6. Healthcare Services:

Disseminating knowledge and combating disinformation are crucial in the post-COVID environment. Missed call services may be of assistance. Making appointments is one of the common use cases.

  • requesting details.
  • giving criticism.
  • checking the availability of immunization slots.


7. Charity organizations:

NGOs must increase community involvement to raise awareness of social issues. Unforeseen circumstances could make missed calls a vital tool. Missed calls can be used to persuade potential customers to:

  • Enroll in new programs
  • Vote in favor of or against laws or programs.
  • Request details
  • Sign up for reminders.
  • Provide feedback


Conclusion: It's amazing to see all the ways missed calls are used in different spheres of the economy. The ease of use and low cost of missed calls, in my opinion, are its best features. In terms of size or business kind, there are no limitations. Missed call marketing can be used successfully by both big and small companies.



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