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Bulk SMS Service India

Bulk SMS Service Provider India


Bulk SMS Plans supported worldwide SMS service. Using our SMS gateway platform, you can send SMS anywhere in India. It has great SMS platform over +200 countries. We have a web-based application system with fast & reliable SMS service. You can easily create and send personalized SMS marketing campaigns to your customer base. Bulk SMS Plans allows you to send Promotional SMS to promote and market your services and transactional SMS for information, alerts, Two-factor Authentication, OTP etc.

Our Bulk SMS platform is used by government agencies, school education, banks, organization, developers, NGOs & various national/international companies for promotion, transactional, OTP, alerts, notification, reminders, communication and feedback.



API Bulk Sms - Best Sms provider in india with high priority routing. Our company is the best bulk SMS company in india offers bulk sms marketing, online promotions, bulk promotional sms, bulk transactional sms, bulk sms gateway services, cheap bulk sms, buy bulk sms online. The cheapest bulk sms packs for promotional sms & transactional sms. Send Bulk SMS across India at the lowest rates.


Features of Bulk SMS Plans in India:


  • Easy to use & cheapest

  • Quality routes

  • Competitive price with the best service

  • promptness of message delivery

  • live delivery report

  • Helps to create awareness about your newly launched products in India

  • Direct connectivity to all telecom operators in India

  • Unicode text & SMS Scheduling features available

  • 24/7 customer support available



Verifying user information and authenticating online transactions is the easiest task with the OTP service. Businesses use OTP service providers to increase data security and prevent phishing attacks, and they ensure timely delivery of OTPs to the right customers via SMS and voice calls.


List of Benefits to business from OTP Provider?


Support for virtual customers -Establish a Virtual Customer Care system and share information/responses on demand.


Improve Customer Engagement- Monitor and collect feedback & responses from customers via single platform


Is it portable? -Every mobile user has access to this service regardless of their device type


Geographically portable -The ability to receive messages from any region at any time without concern over the change of location


Tool For Marketing -Promotion and sales tools that are effective and support your customers' needs


Service to Customers -Make yourself available every day to your vendors and customers for their questions/requests


Bulk SMS Price list



1888 INR

  • Validity: Unlimited
  • Per SMS Price: 0.16 INR
  • 1600.00 INR Total Cost
  • 18%
  • 10000 Credit
  • Instant Activation
    SMS Sending Time : 24 Hrs.
    Delivery Time : 10 to 30 Seconds
    Easy to integrate API facility

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8260 INR

  • Validity: Unlimited
  • Per SMS Price: 0.14 INR
  • 7000.00 INR Total Cost
  • 18%
  • 50000 Credit
  • Instant Activation
    SMS Sending Time : 24 Hrs.
    Delivery Time : 10 to 30 Seconds
    Easy to integrate API facility

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15340 INR

  • Validity: Unlimited
  • Per SMS Price: 0.13 INR
  • 13000.00 INR Total Cost
  • 18%
  • 100000 Credit
  • Instant Activation
    SMS Sending Time : 24 Hrs.
    Delivery Time : 10 to 30 Seconds
    Easy to integrate API facility

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Bulk SMS Plans gateway is a robust and reliable solution which delivers your SMS quickly and securely.

Incredible Features to run successful Bulk SMS texting campaigns in India.

Real time Delivery report

Get Confirmation of Every Message Sent with Our crystal clear Real Time Delivery Report

Boost Traffic

Get maximum traffic on your website , Bulk SMS Plans analytics platform helps to generate traffic in your website

Bulk SMS Campaigning

Create your bulk SMS Campaigning through our premium bulk SMS Gateway

API Integration

Integrate SMS API in Your Software or Built your Own SMS Application With Our Powerful MultiSMS API

Schedule Messages

Get Benefits of Our Schedule SMS Feature so that messages are delivered to customers at an appropriate time

URL Tracking

Create A Short URL Of Your Web Link And Send it in Your SMS Campaign to Track Who Visited Your Website

24/7 Customer Support

Our highly experienced Customer Support team is Ready to Serve you 24/7. Contact Our Support Anytime

Data Security

We assure your data privacy are remains safe. Our service descent your user's security & privacy


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25+ Billions
SMS Processes Annually
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