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What are the best bulk sms service provider in india

What are the best bulk sms service provider in india

India’s #1 bulk SMS service provider

Our company has set milestones across fields of customer satisfaction, SMS campaigns, instant OTP’s, notifications, surveys and many more.

You are wholeheartedly welcome to join for the most comprehensive, powerful and an easy medium to enjoy the facilities of bulk SMS platform.

1.    Bulk SMS redefined

Instantly reach out to all of your customers with personalized Bulk SMS offers, updates and several SMS attachments and more.

Easily personalize all of your bulk SMS by giving your personal touch by including names, ID’s, and other information without using any plugins.

·        Add a whole lot of attachments to your messages, such as price lists, brochures, or booking confirmations.

·        Track live SMS delivery and several reads and delivered alerts and also track click of attachments & web links created on BULKSMSPLANS.COM

·        Easily include a readily present opt-out path to let the users unsubscribe, add or remove opt-outs directly available on the portal.

·        Compose and send messages in a variety of languages with our easy transliteration tool.

·        There are several options to set a reminder for sending later or directly deliver later according to your business plan.

·        Create optimized forms and surveys and get the maximum response by sending links to participate in various polls.

·        Create your very own vouchers and design several coupons or mobile tickets and add them to your SMS campaigns.

·        Flexible contact management to store excel sheets or to upload any excel sheets and options to remove, add, merge or split groups of numbers.

·        Create custom sender ID’s, send and receive SMS from your custom created sender ID’s.

·        SMS templates and history save your time by designing SMS templates and use those templates for sending text messages.

·        URL shortened, convert lengthy URL's too short links by using our URL shortener.

2.    Tracking campaign metrics

Our services allow you to keep a track and to access all click reports for all of the marketing web links, attachments, and mobile forms.

With the help of our services you can take the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns by using our link tracking system, whether you are trying to insert to web links or attaching any surveys or creating any mobile pages link tracking system will allow you to hold extensive usage metrics while keeping the URL length in control.

3.    Mobile solutions

Create and send custom designed tickets, vouchers and several other coupons to your customer’s phone number.

4.    Receive SMS

Receive SMS with shortcodes, long codes, and keywords which will provide easy, cost-effective paths for customers and several new ways to reach out to the customers instantly. allows you to receive messages from your customers using a combination of keywords, shortcodes, and long codes. The received SMS are stored in the inbox can be easily accessed and managed using a variety of tools provided by us.

5.    Integrate SMS API’s

One of the most secure, stable and powerful bulk SMS API’s that can easily be integrated to any application and you can start sending messages in minutes and along with that, you can also access sample codes in PHP, Java, .net and more. SMS API’s allows the buyer to send bulk SMS offers, trigger transaction updates and send OTP’s, receive inbound SMS, pull reports, manage contact and much more cool stuff.

6.    Enterprise-friendly

Make your services enterprise ready with because enterprise-grade features from our service plans allow you to seamlessly upgrade your business plans, your accounts, data in the way you want it to be set up into.


We have completely backed you up for the entire robust experience and fanatic customer support with our unmatched delivery rates and speed and authentic real-time support along with promotional and transactional SMS we have got your business secured

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