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BULKSMSPLANS.COM is giving an opportunity to resell the SMS to allow profitability schemes to their customers and to earn income on a regular basis. This will also help in reselling the SMS credit to their customers. The reseller has got hold of many clients and it is dependent on him, whom he wants to sell the SMS and at what price. They can sell it on a monthly basis receiving the SMS from us without any time lapse, which means their SMS credibility will not expire. Hence return it will in reselling of Bulk SMS and help the resellers to earn the profit.

Message units can be purchased at a wholesale price and the SMS can be resold to customers in small chunks of profitable price points. With the increase in customers, the profit ratio also increases because of the increase in the consumption of more messages and more messages the reseller buys the lesser will be the SMS cost and thus the profit per SMS turns out to be higher which in the end, brings in more money as profit.

Reseller can be able to earn huge chunks of money with no setup and extra cost, and there are three different types of reselling BULK SMS and they are named as follows: 

Affiliate: the affiliated person will be sending the SMS with the same user id. It is mostly in use by the companies which follow the same trend.

Dual brand: the reseller can sell the SMS with different user id but the URL should be the same.

The following information is related to the dual brand subtopic.

 1.    Dual branded messenger for the customers for log in purposes to receive and send texts.

 2.    Creation of pages to keep the resellers updated because your customers are tagged to you.

 3.    Creating customers’ accounts on your own.

 4.    Earning commission for every sale made

 5.    The panel can be paid on a monthly basis

 6.    Sales and marketing assistance

 7.    Reporting errors and reports

 8.    Risk-free trial to assess the suitability and performance of the customers.
White label :

The reseller, in this case, has hold of many URLs and several different user id’s.

1.    The reseller will be having an account of the entire white label messenger. The will be helping you to send the SMS with your company user id and URL.

2.    Creation tool will be helping you to get your own user id of your customers and to master your account and live report package.

3.    Selling the SMS credits to your customers at the desired price and also getting a domain name with a secured password.

The advantages of selling the bulk SMS to resellers are:

The several advantages of reselling the SMS to resellers are as follows-

1. It helps the resellers to maintain a good link with their customers.

2. It is a very easy gateway which is widely in use for transmitting information to the specified or the desired customers.

3. It is of great help to enhance the business operation with minimal cost as it does not require any special cost or any experienced staff to manage the job.

Bulk SMS reselling is highly profitable and along with that bulk SMS is a very cost effective deal compared to reselling the small SMS pack.

Taking an example if a reseller has purchased 100k of SMS at 100$ but now he is selling it at 20 thousand SMS at 30$ so now His profit margin turns out to be 50% percent. This, in fact, is a possibility.

If you are a Media company, Advertising agency or a Web The developer you can take advantage of BULK SMS PLANS Reseller Packages and setup an extra stream of income for yourself. Moreover, you can offer all the BULK SMS PLANS features under your own branding which your customers will definitely Love

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