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Distributed Ledger Technology

What Is Dlt?

Distributed Ledger Technology(Dlt) Is A Blockchain-based Registration System. This System Keeps Track Of All The Records Of Promotional & Transitional Messages Sent By The Senders Where All The Telemarketers And Entities/Enterprises Have To Be Registered With Operators And All The Customers And Retailers Are Connected To The Operators Through Telemarketers.


As Per New Guidelines From Trai, Every Individual/Enterprise Has To Register On  Dlt Platform If They Want To Use Bulk Sms/Voice  Services For Their Business Purposes.


Trai Has Made Dlt Mandatory For Everyone From 1 June 2020. It Means For All Your Senders/Headers & Sms Templates You Need To Register As An Entity To The Dlt Blockchain Platform If Senders Are Not Active On Dlt Platform Message Will Not Be Delivered 

Why Dlt Is Mandatory?

Trai Has Taken This Step To Prevent Customers From Unsolicited Commercial Communication Which Were Annoying Customers As Fraud Calls & Sms. So, According To Trai’s Regulation, Dlt Registration Is Mandatory To Continue Further Telecom Services.

A) Registration Of Senders (Parent/Business Entity And Telemarketers)

Through An Easy Registration Process, The Business Will Be Able To Assert Their Identity And Build The Trust Of The Clients. This Diminishes The Ability Of Unknown Entities Reaching Customers With Calls And Messages That Are Fraudulent Or Of Dubious Nature.

                 Entity                                                                                                                Telemarketer       

Entity Is An Organisation Created                                                                          Means A Person Or Legal Entity

             By One Or More Persons To Carry                                                                        Engaged In The Activity Of Transmission
 On A Trade Or Business.                                                                                       Of Commercial Communications.

B) Registration Of Headers

Using Headers Intelligently To Segregate Different Types Of Messages Businesses Shall Be Able To Help Their Clients Segregate Their Messages Into OTP, Service(Explicit & Implicit) And Promotional Category.


C) Message Template.

The Concept Of Registered Templates For Both Sms And Voice Communication Has Been Introduced To Prevent The Deliberate Mixing Of Promotional Messages Into The Transactional Stream.


D) Registration Of Subscribers Consent

New Regulations Provide The Subscriber With Complete Control Over Their Consent And The Ability To Revoke The Consent Already Granted, At Their Option, The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations 2018 More Commonly Referred To As The Tcccpr 2018, Put Into Effect By The Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (Trai), Is This Significant Step Towards Regulating Unsolicited Commercial Communication The New Regulation Framework Has Developed Control And Regulatory Powers To Access Providers.


The Regulations Shall Be Put Into Effect In Three Faces As Detailed Below.


PHASE I                                                                                    PHASE II                                                                                PHASE III

Registration Of Entities/Telemarketers                              Registration Of Headers/Sender Ids                          Registration Of Templates



Registration Of Entities/Telemarketers.

Entities/Telemarketers Have Been Given An Option To Register With Telecom Operators Of Their Choice. The Entity May Choose To Register Themselves With One Or More Telecom Operators By Paying Each Operator A Registration Fee, While The Telemarketer May Register With Operators Of Choice By Bearing The Registration Cost & Paying Up A Security Deposit To Each Operator.



Let Us Begin By Simlifying The Documents Required To Get Registered.

A) Individual

1. Entity identity Proof - Pan Card- Mandatory

2. Entity Address Proof - Aadhaar card, election commission ID(voter card), passport, electricity bill, telephone bill, lease agreement/registered sale(Anyone Address Proof).

3. Letter of Authority (Sign & Stamp On letterhead) - Download Sample

4. Authorized signatory (Sign & Stamp On letterhead) - Download Sample

B) Sole proprietor

1. Entity identity Proof -  Pan Card- Mandatory

2. Entity Address Proof - GST Certificate, MSME Registrations, Shop Establishment Certificate, electricity bill, telephone bill, lease agreement/registered sale (Anyone Business Name Address Proof).

3. Letter of Authority (Sign & Stamp On letterhead) - Download Sample.

4. Authorized signatory (Sign & Stamp On letterhead) - Download Sample


C) Private Limited Company/Partnership Firm

1. Entity identity Proof -  Business Pan Card- Mandatory.

2. Entity Address Proof - GST Certificate, Certificate Of Incorporation, Partnership Deed, Electricity bill, telephone bill, lease agreement/registered sale (Anyone Business Name Address Proof).

3. Letter of Authority (Sign & Stamp On letterhead) - Download Sample

4. Authorized signatory (Sign & Stamp On letterhead) - Download Sample

D) Trust, Association & Society

1. Entity identity Proof - Business Pan Card- Mandatory

2. Entity Address Proof - GST Certificate, Certificate Of Incorporation, Trust & Society Registered Document, Electricity bill, telephone bill, lease agreement/registered sale (Anyone Business Name Address Proof).

3. Letter of Authority (Sign & Stamp On letterhead) - Download Sample.

4. Authorized signatory (Sign & Stamp On letterhead) - Download Sample


As per Guidelines Entities/Enterprises Needs to Register At least With One Operator



Below Are The DLT Registration Link of Different Operators




Videocon -

Vodafone -





User Manual Guide for Bsnl DLT Registration Process For An Entity


Step 1.

Register on MTNL DLT platform login to click on sign up


Step 2.

Click on as Enterprise & Click next.



Step 3.

If You Have Registered With Any Other Mobile Operator DLT Network Click On Yes And Enter The Entity ID


Step 4.

If You Have Not Registered With Any Other Mobile Operator Dlt Network Click On No And Enter Your Pan Card Number And Click Verify & Continue



Step 5.

Select The Business Type Of Your Entity From The Drop Down Menu For Example Individual, Partnership Firm, LLP, ETC


Step 6.

Fill The Required details below.

(Note- The blanks which are marked with * are mandatory.)



Step 7.

1. Enter the name of the person who is authorized to access the MTNL DLT without inserting space between the first and last name.

2. Enter the email-ID of the authorized person for receiving future communication.

3. Create a password (Note – The password must be of minimum 8 characters and maximum 15 characters. Password must contain at least one small, one capital alphabet, one numeric digit, and one special character).

4. Re-enter the create password.

5. Enter the mobile no. of the authorized person to receive the OTP.

DLT Guide Line


Step 8.

An OTP must be received on your registered mobile no. Kindly enter the received OTP and click on verify.



Step 9.

After verifying the mobile no. you will receive a verification link on your registered email ID for MTNL DLT account verification.


Step 10.

Please click on confirm the email address to Verify the email ID.

(Note- The verification link will expire in 24 hours from the time it was sent.)



Step 11.

1. After verifying the email address, you will be signed out of the MTNL DLT network and you will need to log in with the help of the email address and password which you had used for the signup process.


Now, Fill all the below-required details.

a) The Business type and Business PAN would be pre-filled for you as per your previous selection.

b) Select the industry type from the drop-down menu, for example, Automobile, service, etc.

c) Business URL and GST No. are optional to fill. Fill it if applicable.



d) Enter the date on which your entity/business was established.



e) Enter the name of your entity/business which you have to register MTNL DLT network.

f) Enter any Alternative email ID.


After filling all the details Click on continue.




Step 12.

1. After clicking on the Continue button, you will be asked to upload documents that are on the name of your Entity.

2. Proof of identity - Business PAN card ( The name must match as given in the account ) in case of an Individual, Sole properties the name on the PAN card must match will name of the business owner.

3. In case of a Partnership firm, Limited liability Partnership, Private Limited Company the name on the PAN card must match with the name of the business.


(Note - Maximum size of the file to be uploaded should not be more than 2MB which will acceptable in the JPEG, PNG or PDF format and the documents must be updated and issued by the government.)


Step 13.

a) After uploading the proof of identity, you will need to upload proof of Address.

b) Supporting Documents - Passport, Voter ID, Driving license. (differs as per the type of entity).



(Note - Maximum size of the file to be uploaded should not be more than 2MB which will acceptable in the JPEG, PNG or PDF format and the documents must be updated and issued by the government.)


Step 14.

After successfully uploading the Proof of Business Entity, a letter of Authorization needs to be uploaded; duly sealed, and signed by the authorized person.


Step 15.

After uploading the letter of Authorization, Authorize signatory needs to be uploaded.

Download Sample Format of Authorised Signatory Download Sample


Step 16

After successfully uploading the supporting documents. Click on continue for the Account Creation Process.


Step 17

The documents are uploaded successfully. Now, select you are Telemarketer from the drop-down menu and enter the Telemarketer ID which is received on your registered email address and click on continue.

if Your Are taking Service From BULKSMSPLANS.COM
        Telemarketer ID: 1102499920000028323



Step 18

Now click on Pay Online and you will be redirected to the payment page. The account details on which the payment is to be made are mentioned below.



Step 19

After the successful payment, you will receive on the Transaction ID on your Bank's Registered Mobile No. Enter the Transaction ID and the Transaction Date and Click On Submit to proceed further.


Step 20

After submitting all the details, you will receive a message of Payment Successful and a Copy of Receipt you would be received on the registered email ID.


Now, Click on Continue to Create Account.



Step 21

After clicking on Continue to Create Account, You have completed the Sign Up Process and you will receive your Registration ID, For example- ML 48. The Verification and Approval process of the documents will take 48 hours after completion of the Sign Up Process.

Note This Registration Number For The Future Communication With Operator.



Step 22

After the documents are approved by the registrar, you will receive a confirmation e-mail on your registered email ID.


Step 23

After receiving the Confirmation e-mail only registered email ID, Click on Access Your Account Here.

Step 24

You have successfully created the MTNL DLT Account. Now, you can proceed further with Header/Template/Consent Registration.

The Process of Account Creation is Completed.

For Header/Sender ID Activation Process Click Here
Header Registration Guidelines 
Template Registration Guidelines

                                  How To Start BULK SMS Business

Connecting with buyers in bulk has become a necessity for businesses. Educational institutions, government agencies, and corporate offices all use this marketing tool. Therefore, getting into the bulk SMS service gateway business makes sense.


How does this work.?

It will be branded for your company and will not refer to Bulk SMS Plans. The buy credits button will be removed and replaced with a contact number of your choice (that customers can call to purchase credits from you). Credits must be purchased from us before they can be transferred to your customers.

The credits can then be sold to your customers at any price. Additionally, you will need a domain name with a secure (SSL) certificate so that we can set up Messenger for your users. Due to the bespoke nature of White Label accounts, we have a lead time of 7 days.   

                                 Benefit Of Bulk SMS For Business 


1. Captures Customer’s Attention

Getting customer’s attention is the key to open the possibility for your business or service. Here the necessary aspect that counts to be working for the customers is time spent by the customers in reading an e-mail or SMS. It also includes the effort that is made by the customer while reading the text.

SMS stands more effective than an email because it asks for less effort from the customers and when delivered, the message is read even later. So even if it is read with a fleeting sight, it stays there in the customer’s attention.


2. Excellent Conversion Rate

Email response rates are notoriously low, at around 6%. In reality, a response rate of 45% for SMS is not unusual and may often be higher. A text is typically replied to within 90 seconds, compared to an email within 90 minutes. Whether you use SMS for promotions, surveys, or signups, you will receive a higher response rate than any other marketing strategy.


3. Practical And Affordable

SMS campaigns are less expensive to set up and run than other types of marketing. The return on investment is also higher because you are dealing with people who are already customers or have volunteered to receive your marketing messages. If you send them SMS messages about promotions, sales, or new products, they are more likely to buy your products and services again. Reduced spending thanks to SMS enables you to maintain a continuous and open communication with your customers.


4. Easy To Use And Foolproof

It is possible to read, reply, and even monitor the messages you send and receive with Bulksmsplans applications from several companies. Mobile and web interfaces are also available. Operating it or delivering your message doesn't require rocket science or additional software, just as texting is an activity that is already ingrained in your customers' daily routines. Easy, fast, and convenient.


5. Communication That Works

Despite being a unidirectional channel of communication, bulk SMS messages can be used to share a contact number or website link.


How to Start a Bulk SMS Service Business in India?


1) Provide Bulk SMS Services

Follow these steps to set up your own SMS gateway:


Taking the first step

You need to choose an SMS gateway. A SMS gateway is an application that can encode your message into SMS compliant text. You can find this software from many vendors. Choose the one that has the features you need, is available at a price you can afford, and is flexible enough for your business.


The second step

Subscribe to web-hosting services like RackSpace or GoDaddy. You can select a hosting service based on its monthly or yearly price. You should also consider its server size and bandwidth, as well as compatibility with the SMS gateway you have chosen.


Taking 3 Step

After the second step, you should set up a database on the server. Using your user ID/user name and the password provided by your web host, you can access your server's administration panel. From the 'Database' section, you can set up your database. For database access, you need to specify the name of the database, your user ID and password.


Taking Step 4

The SMS gateway application needs to be installed on the systems that will be used for sending SMS messages. The SMS gateway needs access to your database.You can do this by entering the URL of your database provided by your host, the database ID/name, and your password in the panel of gateway administration.


Last Step

In the final step, you should test the SMS gateway's functionality. You can use a test script to outline every type of message that you want to send to your clients. Create and send multiple SMS messages to trial numbers via the gateway.


2) Start Your Own Bulk SMS Reseller Business

In order to start your own business, you need a strategy. To get started, you will need a gateway and a server. To manage them all, you would need developers, programmers, writers, designers, and managers. Keeping in mind that this would take a lot of time and effort.

Consequently, before starting something on your own, you should work with a reputable SMS service provider. If you do, you will be more confident about starting your own bulk SMS API business in the future. Partnering with an established brand can earn you good money and let you work with their suggestions and advice.


Being a Bulk SMS reseller offers a number of benefits

Create your own customized panel

And set your own SMS/voice credits rates

In the reseller web interface


Shipment report


3) Start A Service As A Collector Of Bulk SMS


The bulk SMS API collector makes use of different SMS gateways and also tie-ups with SMS communicates as well as transmitting utilizing various routes. SMS aggregators make use of SMS Portal solutions with SMPP which determines the speed of SMS.


Bulk SMS API aggregators from India mainly offer vendors of SMS that aren't in a placement to pay straight tie-up fees with their telecom business. An aggregator's purchase of SMS services offers text suppliers an affordable set-up charge as well as a much less configuration time. With this high degree of entrance setup in addition to the increasing volume of SMS dedications, the Collectors in the area of Mass text solution may be able to give their clients a previously worked out SMS service.


Cheapest Bulk SMS Provider In India

Here at BulkSmsPlans, we offer you bulk SMS services that help you expand across India. Our SMS Marketing Service enables you to inform news, promotions, and activities, directly from your business to your target audience. You can save on advertising costs with BULK SMS Marketing, and improve your marketing plan with this efficient system. It is the best choice for you to enhance your business's plan, and to enhance more opportunities and channels for your business to reach its goals and objectives.




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